Understanding Text-Dependent Questions and Tasks Module

Students must develop the habit of reading closely, and teachers must provide them with guidance and direction using text-dependent questions (TDQs) that will lead to both explicit and inferential understanding of texts. The interactive professional module, “Understanding Text-Dependent Questions,” helps teachers learn how to use TDQs and gives all students from diverse backgrounds and different life experiences the opportunity to make meaning of grade-level, complex texts through analysis, synthesis and evaluation. Use the “next” button to move through the course. When you have completed the module, please fill out this survey to provide valuable feedback as well as receive a link to your certificate of completion which can be submitted to your district for PD or EILA credit.

If you have a green-rated high-quality instructional resource (HQIR), TDQs and tasks are likely embedded throughout. Engaging with this professional learning module will still be beneficial as you and your PLC internalize lessons.

For research- and evidence-based information regarding this topic, see the Reading and Writing References.

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